"The program provided encouragement from an experienced and friendly staff.  I appreciated the social aspect of running as a group, learning from each other and helping each other succeed.  We built up our stamina and strength over time, as well as confidence in our abilities to run.  I am pleased to say I completed the training program and half marathon injury free, a result achieved in part by care from the knowledgeable staff.  I also liked the tent/photos/water/support on race day.  And the weekly emails with the running schedule and tips were great!  My overall fitness level and strength increased considerably."

"The program was absolutely great.  The training program has been one of the most positive experiences I have had.  From the first run of 3 miles where I cried in my car afterwards because I didn't think I could do it, to running the Boilermaker half marathon and doing better than I ever expected, the staff was very motivating and informative with tips and insights.  The people involved from runners to coaches are some of the nicest people I have ever met.  It's crazy but I was disappointed when the race date arrived.  I loved the training so much I didn't want it to end."

"I think the Fleet Feet Team is the best!  It is so great to know that the training continues.  It's more than about training for and running races, it's about friendships and common goals with people I love running with!  We are runners!"

"I completed my first 5k - Yeah!  Everything was very helpful.  I especially liked that you had experts and hand outs sharing information about injury prevention, nutrition, hydration, stretching, etc.  I hope you continue to do more of that."

"The coaches and routes were great, lots of support and good attitudes."

"I liked the structure, having a place to run with others at a similar pace and level as me.  It was convenient and pushed me but not too hard too fast.  I was very pleased to have gone from barely being able to run to doing a 4/1 run/walk, for 3+ miles...and to have reached that fitness level without getting injured."

"Very well structured and organized.  Helped me prepare for the Purdue Half Marathon."

"I was very pleased with the program overall, will hopefully participate again next year!"

 "I am happy I joined the program.  I am faster, stronger, lighter and in the best shape of my life.  My 5k time has improved by ten minutes since I first started training.  Running with the group helps keep everyone accountable.  The coaches help encourage everyone at every level.  Thank you!"

"I have never tried running before until now.  The Fleet Feet team has made it possible!  I can't run a 5k yet, but they are helping to get me there."

"With the help of the enthusiastic and experienced coaches at Fleet Feet West Lafayette, I was able to go from the couch to completing two half marathons in a year and lost 35 pounds while getting much faster too.  If you want to do it, Fleet Feet can show you how!"

"I wanted to challenge myself and do something I never have done before, so last July I signed up to train for a 1/2 marathon.  I was scared, overwhelmed, and not confident that I could complete this goal.  The trainers inspired me and pushed me to believe in myself and turn the negative thoughts into positive.  I finished the 1/2 in October and was talked into the Indy Mini, so in January I started training again and this time I had positive thoughts, I pushed myself, and enjoyed every minute of the Indy mini.  I ran the whole race whole race and I shaved off 10 minutes off my time!  I am healthy both inside and out and I am thankful for the trainers and all of their hard work!!!"

"I had decided to start running three weeks before I joined the No Boundaries 5K training program.  Without this program, I don't think that I would have reached my goals successfully.  Having the support of coaches and the community of other runners who are right where you are helped me achieve my goal of running the entire 5K."

"When I first started with the walk/run program, I really didn't know how much it would affect my whole life.  Seriously, this experience has been life-changing.  I still remember the elation I felt when I first ran an entire mile without stopping!  Now I can easily run a 5K.  Although I expected to increase my fitness level when I started this program, I never expected to go so far, so quickly, and have so much fun while getting more fit and more confident in myself.  Being with a group of people who are passionate about running and always encouraging, positive, helpful, and eager to share their knowledge and experience has made all the difference.  I now love running and feel great.  THANK YOU Fleet Feet!"

"I recommend this structured training program.  I would not have finished well by training alone.  The group training holds us all accountable to one another.  Fleet Feet did a wonderful job keeping the group running every week in rain, sleet, and snow.  Thanks for the good times.  I will definitely be back for more."

"The training programs at Fleet Feet have brought together for me a group of running friends that I have not enjoyed in over 25 years of running.  I look forward to running and improving with them each week."

"I used to run track and coach country in high school but haven't done much in many years and could never overcome the initial barrier to get started.  The Fleet Feet program started out slowly and gradually built up to 5K which was a great help to easing back into it.  The coaches were very enthusiastic and positive and the group runs provided the inspiration I needed.  This is a great program for anyone interested in increasing their level of fitness and is perfect both for those new to jogging or people who did it in the past and need to ease back in after years of inactivity.  Highly recommended."

 "The coaches were very enthusiastic and supportive. It is much easier for me to get motivated to run when with a group than going out on my own, so the group runs were very helpful. "I truly enjoyed getting together and running as a group the support you received and the friendships you make are priceless. I have gone through 2 training sessions and this time I improved my mental attitude plus my time and I had more confidence in myself. I believe it was all the time the trainers took with me believed in me. I thank each of them for inspiring me!!"

"I liked the coaches always there for us answering questions , supporting us and most important running with us."

"I liked the support I received from not only the coaches, but the other participants. I feel like I have a running family that is supportive and encouraging. You guys have the tips help me improve and the encouragement to keep me going when I hit my own roadblocks."

"I love everything about it. New to running and you guys made it very easy."

"I like how helpful the staff was. Also, running in a group setting helped stay motivated."

"I like the camaraderie and the gradual increase in distance so by the time we got to the maximum length, it didn't seem hard."

"I liked the group motivation. Big fan of the group motivation. It was also nice to be able to share goals with others. It was also very informative. I love the fact that Fleet Feet does the gait evaluation. Very cool. I also loved the interval training. That was fantastic! There were so many things! I did not feel awkward or out of place!"

"I loved the people. From the coaches to the other runners it's a great program to meet new people and learn new things about running."

"I liked that there were different groups for different fitness levels. Loved all of the coaches. Really enjoyed the group runs - they were very motivating."

"I loved the exuberance from all the coaches! I felt like such a part of a group. It was great."

"I liked the support and encouragement from not only mentors and coaches but from fellow runners.  Running with others always motivates you to push yourself just a little more."

"I enjoyed the opportunity to meet new friends that I wouldn't have crossed paths with had I not joined the program. I also appreciated the accountability that the program provided (kept me on track to run the Purdue Half) and the support of the coaches. I felt like the coaches genuinely cared about my running progress. Their encouragement was a highlight of the runs!"

"Thanks for making this a fun and rewarding experience."

"I love this training program and everything about it! The coaches were so helpful and informative and always made me feel like I could go the distance. I can't wait to sign up (a third time) for this training program!"

"Great group of people and will recommend to anyone looking for a training group."

"I couldn't have asked for a more supportive group."

"I had a great time and will sign up again (for time #3!). I never thought I could run before and now I can. Thank you!!"

"Sharon, Cory, Nancy, Nick, Fatima and all the others who ran with the 5K program were fabulous. They were all totally ready and willing to help."

"On my first day of training, I could barely do an interval of running 2 minutes and walking 2 minutes for 1 mile. By the end of the 12 week training session with Fleet Feet Sports, I easily finished a full 5K doing intervals of running 5 minutes and walking 1 minute. My time was not record breaking but I finished the 5K in 39 1/2 minutes which is just a little over a 12 minute mile which isn't too shabby considering where I started. My next goal is to run a full 5K without any walking intervals. Thanks Fleet Feet Sports!"

"I LOVED it and felt like it made all the difference in how I ran the half!!!"

"The program has definitely had a positive impact on my physical and mental fitness. I also value the friendships made and the enthusiasm and encouragement provided by all participants. KUDOS to the Fleet Feet Staff, Mentor/Coaches and runners."

"When I enrolled in my first Walk/Run program July 2012, I had zero experience running and never even gave thought to the possibility of eventually running an entire 5k. By following successive training sessions for a full year, I was able to complete my first 5k as a 'runner' this past weekend. The sense of accomplishment is surpassed only by the changes I have seen in my fitness, both physical and mental, since starting the Fleet Feet No Boundaries program. I would definitely, and already have, recommended the program to co-workers and friends. I will Run Happy for as long as my legs will continue to carry me!!! Thank you Fleet Feet for your programs and more importantly for your encouragement and support."

"Running a 5k has been on my bucket list for a few years now. Fleet Feet has helped me achieve that at the age of 50! It is never too late.  Thank you!"

"Your training program has taken me from barely able to finish a mile to now running half marathons. I couldn't have done it without the help and encouragement of your coaches. Cory and Jen are a real inspiration to me."


 (This Program was...)

A program that I fell in love with. I have recommended it to so many people that I have lost track. I have a friend in Arizona who joined her local Fleet Feet! It is super helpful, and the people take the time to talk to you and get to know you!

A great program to be a part of. Helped me learn more about injury prevention, running safety, running at your own pace, and most importantly having fun. It is the best!!

An inspiration...I wouldn't be running if it was not for the training program, the coaches, Fleet Feet, and the family of runners I gained while there.

Very professional and a family feel.

Excellent! As a 52 year old female and never tan before, I was hooked from the first contact I had with the store. Wendy Kidwell, fitted me with the right shoe and it has been a great experience. Based on the training I received from the program the 5k was a walk in the park for me. HALF MARATHON HERE I COME!! Thank you Fleet Feet.

This program has helped me keep my weight off. It makes exercise fun. I have learned a lot from the coaches, mentors and other runners. Cant wait for the next session to start. Keep up the great work Fleet Feet because this is the best fitness program I have ever participated in!

Is a program for anyone. You don't have to be in shape or ready to start, just take the first step. you will improve by leaps and bounds, and there is so much support with this group. There is so much satisfaction from making a commitment and seeing yourself improve. You will not regret joining this program

Awesome, encouraging, and supportive.

A great place to meet new people and push you farther than you think you can go

A program where everyone was easy going, friendly, and upbeat

The coaches were a huge help. Even if I had to miss several group runs, everyone was always so happy and supportive. I felt like the coaches and even other people participating were there to ensure not only my success but everyone else's.

A very team based environment; it did not feel competitive, and seemed like everyone was happy for others to do well.


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