New Superfeet Carbon

Superfeet Carbon: Low Profile Lightweight Support

Superfeet Carbon provides superior support in a revolutionary low profile, lightweight insert thanks to a new carbon reinforced stabilizer cap.

- Support with low volume that doesn't take up too much space in the shoe
- Great for minimal type shoes
- Carbon support from the back of the heal to the forefoot

 Why Superfeet?  

Well, if you look inside your running shoe, you’ll notice that it is pretty much flat inside. If you look at the bottom of your foot, even the flattest of feet have 3 dimensional contour. As you might imagine it is hard for the flat sole of your running shoe to support the contoured, dynamic shape of your foot while running. The distinct Superfeet shape help adapt the your shoes to your feet for a better fit and a more comfortable experience.

Let us show you how Superfeet Carbon can improve your running comfort.

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