Meet the Team

Fleet Feet Sports West Lafayette is a locally owned and operated store located in the University Square shopping center. We are committed to enhancing and growing our local running and walking communities by offering specialty products, educational resources, and training opportunities to assist the community in achieving their fitness goals. As we continue to be a vital resource in the community, we are committed to becoming more than just a store people shop at. We want to become a place that the community visits often because they feel comfortable and are truly amazed by the world-class customer service that we provide. We want to be a resource for all of West Lafayette / Lafayette's running and walking needs. We want to be a place that inspires every person, on every day, in every fitness activity they do. 

We are a collection of people who share two passions: one for being active, and one for helping others achieve their fitness goals. We hope to share that with you! We run the same roads and races. We have experienced the highs of achieving a goal, and the lows of trying to rebound from an injury. We exist to share that knowledge and wisdom with you, and welcome you to our family!

Owners - Greg and Dawn Lehman

 Greg, former Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning with the Purdue University Athletic Department, spent thirty years training athletes. He has an undergraduate degree in Physical Education and a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology & Biomechanics from Purdue. A former certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, is also a certified Running Coach through the Road Runners Club of America. Dawn, also a Purdue graduate, is the Facility Management Team Leader at Evonik Corporation in Lafayette, but you will find her in the store or working behind the scenes on nights and weekends.

Meet the Team

Cory Sengsanith - Training Program Director, Racing Team Director, and Fit Specialist

West Lafayette has been Cory's hometown for many years.  He graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems and Programming. Cory has been with Fleet Feet Sports since the day the doors opened in March 2012. He is an RRCA Certified Coach, and is a tremendous leader for our Training Programs. Cory is passionate about running and helping others see the true beauty of running while achieving their goals. For Cory, running is a stress reliever and relaxation tool.  He enjoys the challenge of setting goals, working towards his goals, and meeting or exceeding his goals, which he believes has a positive influence on his kids and others. Some of his hobbies include spending time with his family, training for marathons, and competing in them.

Alisha Tanner - Manager & Fit Specialist

Alisha is from Francesville, IN and is a Purdue graduate, receiving a degree in Retail Management and Entrepreneurship. She has been running since she was in 6th grade and was involved in cross-country and track throughout middle and high school. Now she enjoys running for fun and spending her time outdoors. Other than running, some of her favorite activities include playing basketball, cooking, camping, hiking, and spending time with her dog.

Tiffany Krause - Fit Specialist

Originally a native of South Dakota, Tiffany is a grad student at Purdue studying economics. She began running long distances in jr. high and has kept it up ever since. She has completed two marathons and enjoys competing in half marathons and 5K’s.  Her ultimate goal is to qualify for the Boston marathon. Tiffany likes running for the challenge, but also enjoys the sense of community found in a running club. In addition to running she loves biking, reading, shopping and Netflix. 

Paul Hockerman - Fit Specialist

Paul is from West Lafayette, and is currently a senior at Purdue studying Environmental Science. He started running in 7th grade and has been an avid runner ever since. He graduated from Harrison High School in 2012, where he ran on the cross country and track teams. Paul loves the personal challenge that running offers, along with the many health benefits. His favorite place to run is the Wabash Heritage Trail. He also enjoys mountain biking, weight training and playing basketball.

Kate Lowrey - Fit Specialist 

A native of Minnesota, Kate is studying Pharmacy at Purdue University. She began racing in elementary school, and she competed throughout college. Her favorite race is the 5K but enjoys races up to half marathons. Kate runs for the thrill of the competition, enjoyment, and taking that time to talk with friends. In addition to running, Kate enjoys swimming, triathlons, paddle boarding, boating, and spending time with friends and family.


Abby Sengsanith - Fit Specialist

Abby Sengsanith is a native of West Lafayette and is a student at Harrison High School where she runs cross country and track. She has been going to road races with her parents since a very early age and started running in the 4th grade for fun. Her immediate goal is to improve on her cross country and track times. Her long term goals are to go college and possibly study chemistry, sports science or computer graphics. Abby runs for the competition and the sole enjoyment of it. She enjoys running with her teammates and friends. Other activities she likes include: drawing, reading, shopping, Netflix binge-watching, eating food, and spending time with friends and family.

Danielle Shively - Fit Specialist

Danielle has lived in the Lafayette area for the past 23 years and over the last four years developed the love for running. Running has helped motivate her and others. In her years prior to running, she was a Group Fitness Instructor and most importantly a stay at home mother who enjoys the simple things in life. Her hobbies besides running and exercising include camping, hiking, boating, giving back to the community and spending quality family time. 

Tate Schienbein - Fit Specialist 

Tate is from Liberty, IN and recently graduated from Purdue University earning a degree in Business Management and Marketing. He was also a 4-year member of the Track and Cross Country programs. He has been active in the sport of running since he was 8 years old and still continues to race all year round in track events and road races most recently completing his first marathon this past fall. What he enjoys most from the sport is the relationships he has been able to build through meeting people at various running events.   

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